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Overwatch Specialty Service NASA Rallycross Challenge
Inaugural season 2012A
Current Champion Us.png Josh Clogg

The NASA Rallycross Challenge, officially the Overwatch Specialty Service NASA Rallycross Challenge, is an eSports league for Rallycross on iRacing. Founded in 2012 on NASCAR 2003, the series moved to iRacing in 2018. After mis-management resulted in a low car count, the series went back to NR2003 for one season. Since 2020, the series has been on iRacing. The series has featured numerous World Championship Series drivers, such as Connor Parise, Jake Robertson, and Beau Albert, among others. These pro drivers have described NASA as the perfect practice space for the iRacing Rallycross World Championship.


Early Beginnings (2012)

In June of 2012, Josh Mertz and Dylan Livengood partnered together to make a series modeling the real-world Global Rallycross Championship, utilizing the rally car mod on NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. The series ran on exclusively custom built tracks using Sandbox, along with custom car templates. The series modeled the Global Rallycross Championship, using Heat races, a Last Chance Qualifier, and a Feature. To be unique, there was an implementation of two joker laps in the Feature races.

The original NASA RallyCross Challenge, which was at a customized version of Croft Rallycross, was supposed to to be the only race, which took place on Sunday, July 1, 2012. Nine drivers appeared, all of whom loved the novelty of Rallycross on NASCAR 2003. As a result, the concept was turned into a serious league, and those drivers also ran the following race at Island Rally, which was a dirt implementation of Bridgehampton. Inter-league drama began before the third round in Negus which resulted in a few drivers withdrawing. Cross-league promotion resulted in the biggest field size for the fourth round at Riverside, which was 18 drivers. Momentum continued for St. Eustache and Valkenswaard to close out the inaugural season. Brandon Lambert won the championship by six points over Josh Mertz, as the Indiana driver finished last in Riverside a fortnight prior.

The series would continually have an average of 10 cars for the 2012B campaign. New tracks in this season included crude replicas of the 2012 Charlotte and X Games GRC circuits, along with a fictional circuit called the NASA Proving Grounds which supplied two races.

The 2012B season finale had a controversy for the championship. Adam Simons, a driver for MRT owned by Josh Mertz, ended up winning the LCQ on the road ahead of Mertz after Mertz was slow on his joker lap and the subsequently collided on the merge. Mertz blamed Simons, who promptly withdrew his entry. Dylan Livengood placed Josh Mertz into the feature to race for the championship, as Livengood was racing in Chris Wetz's car after the Texan had a family emergency.

2012C saw the additions of a fictional circuit in Gifhorn, Germany, to replace the track of Los Angeles. While car count started at 12 for the first two races, successful promotion matched the record of 18 cars at Gifhorn and Charlotte. Calendar mis-management resulted in a triple header of both Proving Grounds rounds along with Negus in one night to end the season. As a result, car count fluttered slightly.

Josh Mertz and Dylan Livengood had battled all season for the championship. Tensions were high given the triple header nature of the season finale. Midway through the feature of the final round in Negus, Josh Mertz came together with another driver and parked his car, fearing a penalty. This set up a tie scenario for the championship, which then had a sudden death, 3 lap tiebreaker race between Mertz and Livengood. Mertz won the race in a photo finish over Livengood, but it was determined later that Mertz parking in the feature was not a sufficient penalty. He was placed at the back of the feature and as a result, lost the championship by one point over Livengood.

The 2013 calendar year was supposed to be an exciting one for NASA, as the 2013A season began with high expectations and field sizes. 16 cars in Croft and 18 in Valkenswaard carried over into Gifhorn for round three, which had another 18 cars running in practice. However, this was not to be.

Cheatgate (January 2013)

Xander Clements, who made his debut midway through the 2012C season, won the final two rounds of the championship in 2012C. He blew his engine multiple times in mysterious ways in Croft and Valkenswaard, and in practice for Gifhorn was considerably faster than David Krikorian and the field. Krikorian, an established driver on NASCAR 2003, was widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers on the sim at the time. This prompted Dylan Livengood to investigate the telemetry of Clements' car.

It was found that Clements was utilizing an illegal grip hacking modification in order to be faster than the rest of the field. However, most of the cars that were running that evening were associated with Clements, because they also ran in Clements NASCAR themed league. When Clements was questioned by Livengood, he refuted, and when Livengood banned Clements, the field left with him. This resulted in Dylan Livengood's second championship, despite only racing three races.

Treading Water (Summer 2013-2017)

Inter-league drama, along with lack of promotion and a dying sim community resulted in car count hovering around 10 drivers per race until the announcement of Rallycross on iRacing in 2018.

First iRacing Attempt (Summer 2018)

In mid 2018, iRacing released the iRX content. The same two factors plagued the two seasons iRacing attempt, before the league transitioned back to NASCAR 2003. The decision was quickly reversed and the league was back on iRacing in 2020.

Removal of Dylan Livengood and growth

Partnership with Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus withdrawal and KES Scandal

Inter-League Drama

Solo Attempt and near closure

Community Steps Up and future


Season Drivers’ Constructors’ Manufacturers’ Sportsman Drivers' Sportsman Teams' Sportsman Manufacturers'
NASA Rallycross Challenge
2012A Us.png Brandon Lambert Revolution Racing Mitsubishi Us.png Andrew Fessler Fessler WRT Ford
2012B De.png Josh Mertz MRT Subaru Nl.png Tristan Hagenstein Great Lakes Motorsports Ford
2012C Ca.png Dylan Livengood Revolution Racing Citroen Us.png Andrew Fessler Fessler WRT Ford
2013A Ca.png Dylan Livengood Revolution Racing Mitsubishi Us.png Andrew Fessler Fessler WRT Ford
2013B Ca.png Dylan Livengood Revolution Racing Volkswagen Us.png Caleb Paul No Fear Racing Subaru
2013C De.png Josh Mertz MRT Mitsubishi Nl.png Tristan Hagenstein Great Lakes Motorsports Ford
2014A Ca.png Dylan Livengood Revolution Racing Mitsubishi Us.png Brandon Nicholson Revolution Junior Mitsubishi
2014B De.png Josh Mertz MRT Subaru Nl.png Tristan Hagenstein MRT Junior Subaru
2015A De.png Josh Mertz Revolution Racing Mitsubishi Us.png Daniel Bellamy 125 Rallycross Subaru
2015B De.png Josh Mertz Aftershock Motorsports Subaru Us.png Doug DeNise DeNise Racing Ford
2016A De.png Cody Erdmann MRT Subaru Us.png Doug DeNise DeNise Racing Subaru
2017A De.png Cody Erdmann MRT Subaru Us.png Zack Johnson Johnson Racing Mitsubishi
2017B Ca.png Philip Kraus MRT Citroen Us.png Doug DeNise DeNise Racing Volkswagen
2017C De.png Josh Mertz MRT Subaru Us.png Casey Lester Lester Racing Mitsubishi
2018A Ca.png Philip Kraus MRT Subaru Us.png Noah Carmichael East Coast Autosport Ford
2018B De.png Josh Mertz MRT Subaru Us.png Connor Parise Vuzion Racing Subaru
2018C Ca.png Philip Kraus MRT Subaru Not Held
2019A Ca.png Philip Kraus MRT Subaru
2019B Ca.png Philip Kraus MRT Subaru
Simracer Coin NASA Rallycross Challenge
2020A Au.png Matt Hartley LRL Racing Team Subaru Not Held
2020B No.png Sindre Silva Apex Racing Academy Volkswagen
2021A No.png Sindre Silva Last Lap Motorsports Subaru
Simracer Coin NASA Rallycross Challenge presented by Nitro Circus
2021B Ca.png Luke Crouse Last Lap Motorsports Subaru Us.png Ray Kingsbury Last Lap Motorsports Subaru
2021C Ca.png Luke Crouse Fiercely Forward Subaru Gb.png Andrew Howell Digital Global Racing Subaru
NASA Rallycross Challenge
2022A Us.png Josh Clogg TWR Subie Squad Subaru Ca.png Justin Robichaud Woven Planet Racing Volkswagen
Overwatch Specialty Service NASA Rallycross Challenge
2022B De.png Alex Abedi TWR Subie Squad Subaru Us.png Jamison Huffman TWR Subie Doobie Squad Subaru

All Time Statistics

Correct as of 5 May 2021

Most Wins

Rank Driver Wins
1 De.png Josh Mertz 40
2 Ca.png Philip Kraus 24
3 Us.png Chris Wetz 19
4 De.png Cody Erdmann 18
5 Ca.png Dylan Livengood 13
6 Us.png Connor Parise 11
7 Gb.png Jake Robertson 10
8 No.png Sindre Silva 9
9 De.png Dylan Smith 7
10 No.png Tanner Smith 6
11 Us.png Brandon Lambert 5
12 Eg.png Marwan Moftah 3
13 No Winner (Revoked) 2
No.png Magnus Okkenhaug
Us.png Elliot Porterfield
Us.png Caleb Paul
Au.png Beau Albert
20 Nl.png Tristan Hagenstein 1
Us.png Matt Kingsbury
Au.png Matt Hartley
Be.png Julien Schien
Us.png John Quinn
Us.png Joey Bailey
Us.png Jacob Harberts
Us.png Geoff Appelgren
Us.png David Krikorian
Us.png Brian Mercurio
Us.png Brenden Berg
Ca.png Austin Darbyshire
Gb.png John Dipple