FitzSty Motorsport

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Orbit Motorsport
Founding date 25 June 2016
Country United Kingdom Gb.png/Australia Au.png
Team manager Jack Styles Gb.png
Sam FitzPatrick Gb.png
Cameron Dance Nz.png
Simulations iRacing
Demon Tweeks
Fight Colorectal Cancer
Hybrid Tune
Website32.png Facebook32.png Twitter32.png

Formed in June 2016, FitzSty Motorsport is a sim racing team competing in the Sports Car Open, DGFX Clubsport Series and World GT Championship, in 2018 we also hope to make it into the NEO Endurance Series as a team for the first time. We are usually seen competing in GT machinery, but can sometimes be also seen in Prototype racing. We are partnered with Texense Sensors, Renvale wiring harnesses, Demon Tweeks, Fight Colorectal Cancer and Craig's Setup Shop. All are prominent on our liveries. near the end of 2019 our Australian division team, FT One Motorsport, ran by Phillip Morton and Simon Mezzomo merged with us to create 1 large single team

Driver Roster

FitzSty Motorsport

Name Join date Series
Gb.png Jack Styles 24H Series Esports
Gb.png Sam FitzPatrick
Au.png Phillip Morton
Us.png Benjamin Cox
Gb.png Keiron Peace
Hu.png Kirsztian Mikle
Nl.png Mike Theunissen
Dk.png Nick Madsen
Br.png Tiago J. Pereira
Au.png Simon Mezzomo
Nz.png Cameron Dance
Nz.png Brad Jesson
Nz.png Taylor Oakes
Au.png Aron Stanley
Au.png Daniel Benefield
Au.png Daniel Cheney
Au.png Hayden Benefield
Au.png Darryn Huxham
Au.png Brett Douglass
At.png Harald Stadler 24H Series Esports

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Gb.png Benjamin Gregory 3 Spires Racing
Gb.png Michael Evdoka 05/2020 Puresims Esports