Puresims Esports

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Puresims Esports
Founding date April 2020
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Team manager Gb.png Ashley Sutton
Simulations iRacing
Pure Sims
KRD Designs
FreeM UK
Craigs Setup Shop
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Puresims Esports was founded in April 2020, shortly after the business https://pure-sims.com/ was created early 2020. The team evolved from an existing well established team called CQR Club, who had competed in Special events for many years and been successful in both individual drivers and team championships in British focussed championships such as BSR, ARLTC and WSR.

The teams debut event was in the iRacing Endurance Series and the 12h of Suzuka in the TCR class, which they ended up winning. The team also participated in early one-off broadcasted races including the SCO Six hours of Glen where they finished 3rd in the Prototype class.

In May/June 2020 the team adopted many members from the now defunct F4H Racing team, which bolstered their ranks with some incredible talent from the Americas region.

The team's aim is to compete in the top split of iRacing Special Events, as well as participating and challenging for podium results in the private endurance championships, such as IVRA and alike. Alongside endurance racing the team has a high level of engagement with WSR.

Driver roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Gb.png Ashley Sutton 04/2020 Team Owner/Puresims Business
Gb.png Matt Bunn 04/2020 Puresims Business
Gb.png Christian Rose 04/2020 Puresims Business
Gb.png Andy Schiel 04/2020 Team Principal
Gb.png Daniel Craft 04/2020 Team Principal
Us.png Daniel Ferguson 06/2020 Team Principal
Gb.png Ross Macfarlane 06/2020 Team Captain
Au.png Jake Blackhall 04/2020 Design & Media
Gb.png Michael Evdoka 05/2020 Team Administrator
Gb.png Pete Newman 04/2020
Gb.png Jamie Rushworth 04/2020
Gb.png David Baker 04/2020
Gb.png Ben Palmer 04/2020
Gb.png Morgan Butler 04/2020
Gb.png Matt Turnbull 05/2020
Ca.png Ian Gagnon-Renaud 06/2020
Gb.png Ashley Finch 06/2020
Gb.png Eric Grove 06/2020
Name Join date Series
Ie.png Chris Mcgrath 06/2020
Us.png Tyler Hervias 01/2021
Us.png Brayden Werner 01/2021
Gb.png Alexander Davidson 06/2021
Gb.png Steen Ledger 07/2021
Us.png Jordan Johnson 06/2022
Gb.png Harley Haughton 06/2022
De.png Konstantin Stolzenburg 08/2022
Us.png Esteban Rodriguez 08/2022
Us.png Spencer Kostewicz 09/2022
Cz.png Lukas Prada 09/2022
Se.png Lukas Lindqvist 09/2022
Us.png Jason Stehney 09/2022
Us.png Rowan Gill 01/2023
Us.png Nathan Moore 04/2023
Us.png Alexander Bird 04/2023
Us.png Robin Glerum 04/2023

Name Join date Series
Gb.png Stuart Mcphaden 04/2020 Inactive
Us.png Justin Richesin 11/2020 Inactive
Us.png Jesse Stevens 04/2021 Inactive
Us.png Adam Blocker 02/2022 Inactive
Us.png Don Squirek 03/2022 Inactive
Us.png Stephen Asch 09/2022 Inactive

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Gb.png Dean Woods 06/2020 09/2020 Yas Heat
Gb.png Nicol Foggie 06/2020 05/2021 Apex Academy
Gb.png Pete Harrod 04/2020 08/2021 Century Sim Racing
Us.png William Laster 06/2020 12/2021
Gb.png Anwar Beroual-Smith 05/2020
Gb.png Stanley Deslandes 03/2022 07/2022 Apex Academy
Gb.png Rhys Caryl 03/2022 07/2022 Fordzilla
Gb.png Leon Penn 01/2022 08/2022
Gb.png Blair Mann 07/2021 08/2022
Br.png Bruno Carneiro 08/2021 10/2022
Us.png Kaden Bihn 07/2021 12/2022
Hu.png Daniel Sivi-Szabo 03/2022 03/2023 Apex Academy
Cl.png Paulo Munoz 08/2020 03/2023
Cl.png Mauricio Quero 10/2021 03/2023
Cz.png Philip Schiff 01/2022 03/2023 Maniti Racing