Elliott Sadler eSports

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Elliott Sadler eSports
Founding date 2018
Country Us.png USA
Team manager Us.png Seth Reiter
Simulations iRacing
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Elliott Sadler eSports was founded in 2019 by former NASCAR Cup Series driver Elliott Sadler, along with Michael Jeanes and Seth Reiter.

2021 - Alliance with Lowline Racing

In January 2021 admins of ESE approached Rajah Caruth, who at the time was a member of Lowline Racing, about a potential alliance between the two teams for the 2021 eNASCAR Road to Pro Series.

2022 - Merger with Lowline Racing

2023 - Merger with Frontline Racing

Team Roster

Current Members

Current members of Elliott Sadler eSports

Name Joined Active Series
Elliott Sadler
Seth Reiter
Michael Jeanes
Garrett Mashburn 10/2022
Paul Bliss 10/2022
Brenden Koehler
Ty Severa
Jared Carr 10/2022
Robert Warnes 12/2022
Andre Fiorini 10/2022
Andrew Faryniarz 10/2022
Blade Whitt 10/2022
Chris Robertson 10/2022
Dylan Basen
Hermie Sadler
James Mullins
Matt Forkapa 10/2022
Wesley Peebles 10/2022
Wyatt Sadler
David Robertson 10/2022
Chuck Waldrop 10/2022
Jeff Chandler 10/2023
Joseph Causey 10/2023
Travis Manning 10/2023
Will Cannon 10/2023
Heath Snider 10/2023
Jason Misner 10/2023
Brooks Derting 10/2023

Former Members

Name Series
Garrett Manes
Dylan Ault
Blaze Crawford
Max Brady
Liam Sheen
Liam Brotherton
Vicente Salas
Dave Siltman
Donavan Strauss
Brian Mercurio
Eric J. Smith