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Wil Vincent
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Birthdate 24 April 1988
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Nicknames Wil
Simulations iRacing
Series Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup
Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition (Producer)
IRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series
VRS GT iRacing World Championship
RaceSpot TV Friday PrimeTime
UK&I Monday Night Skippies
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Team history
01/2012 - 02/2014
05/2013 - 06/2014
02/2014 - Present

Wil Vincent is one of the founding members of RaceSpot TV, setting up operations in February 2014. Since then Wil has covered some of the biggest events in Sim Racing, and works with clients around the world to help them bring their vision to the Esports stage. He is the only commentator to have called on all four of the iRacing Road World Championship series, starting with the IRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series in 2013.

Wil is recognised for his distinctive voice and delivery, though has seen criticism over the years from fans. He has become known as the 'voice' of the iRacing Indianapolis 500, calling more races than any other iRacing commentator.


Wil Vincent started Esports commentary in 2012, following a stint at Birmingham City University’s student radio station as a presenter and committee member. Having worked with Glacier TV for 2 years, including being lead commentator for their Pro and World Championship series broadcasts, he helped found RaceSpot TV in February 2014 with Hugo Luis and Rafael Sanque.

From 2014 onwards Wil has been one of the lead commentators on RaceSpot TV, anchoring some of the company’s largest broadcast series including the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, VRS GT iRacing World Championship, and McLaren’s iRacing Esports competitions. In addition, across 3 different broadcasters, Wil has been the ‘voice’ of the iRacing Indianapolis 500 since 2013, and has called over 15 virtual Indy 500 races in his Esports commentary career.

Over time, Wil has transitioned more to working behind the scenes at RaceSpot TV, overseeing the commentary aspect of the company, as well as becoming one of the broadcaster’s main producers of content. This has included overseeing policy and direction over broadcast standards and expectations, as well as driving the ‘added value’ from broadcasts for clients. In 2019, Wil announced that he will be stepping back from full time commentary duties at the end of 2020, to focus more on building Sim Racing as a competitive Esports broadcast product.

Wil is recognised for his client relation work, working closely with iRacing, Automotive partners and promotors to put together world class Sim Racing Esports events. Wil played an important role in the development of the iRacing Esports Network, and since 2018 worked closely with Porsche, BMW, VCO, Creventic, Penske and Verizon to help them launch events within Esports, providing commentary, technical and administrative support. This has included delivering the most viewed broadcast of Verizon's Pay if Forward Live online streams in 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Notable Events Broadcast

Active Seasons

Series Season Role Co-commentators
Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Host Gb.png Martin Haven
Gb.png Paul Smith
BMW 120 2020 Season Lead Us.png Tyler Maxson