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Inertia SimRacing
Inertia SimRacing Logo.png
Founding date 1th January 2016
Country Fi.png Finland
Team manager Fi.png Simo Rautavirta
Fi.png Joonas Vastamäki
Fi.png Johannes Vahala
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Simo Rautavirta and Hannu Etupaltta founded and laid the groundwork for the Inertia team in 2016, and already on 2017 they won the series championship in the Finnish league. From 2018 onwards Inertia SimRacing has competed in international leagues achieving very promising results in 2020 and 2021.

Driver roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Fi.png Matias Vitikainen
Fi.png Eero Tuominen
Fi.png Hannu Etupaltta
Fi.png Ilkka Kattilakoski
Fi.png Matti Kaidesoja
Fi.png Rauno Kokko
Fi.png Jonne Heikkinen
Fi.png Antti Pihlaja
Fi.png Dani Korpi
Fi.png Henry Salmén
Fi.png Joonas Vastamäki
Fi.png Christer Andersson
Fi.png Matti Nevala

Inactive drivers

Name Join date
Fi.png Marko Penttinen
Fi.png Tapani Linnaluoto
Fi.png Ossian Puhakka
Fi.png Mikko Lindström
Fi.png Joonas Vastamäki

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Fi.png Oskari Rinne CoRe SimRacing
Fi.png Sami-Matti Trogen SET Esports