Targa Virginia

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Targa Virginia
Inaugural season 2011


The Targa Virginia is a simulated endurance race started in 2011 and run annually in mid-December. Originally meant to be an “authentic sim event,” the Virginia does not aim to recreate a real-life race, but rather give sim-racing it’s own premier event. Much like the Indy 500 is to Indycar, the Monaco Grand Prix to F1, and Le Mans to real-world Sports Car racing, the Targa Virginia is one of the most challenging and rewarding races in all of sim-racing. Attracting drivers from around the world, the race holds a special place in its participant’s memories which keeps them coming back year after year.


Year Class Car Driver
2011 C1 Radical SR8 Ca.png Mathieu Labbé
C2 Ford GT2 Us.png Billy Smith II
C3 Mazda MX-5 Cup 2010 Gb.png Rory King
2012 C1 Riley Daytona Prototype Fi.png Riku Alatalo
C2 Ford GT2 Fi.png Roope Turkkila
C3 Cadillac CTS-VR Au.png Dylan Sharman
2013 C1 Radical SR8 Dk.png Jesper Pedersen
C2 Ford GT2 Dk.png Anders Dahl
C3 Ford Mustang FR500S Fi.png Roope Turkkila
2014 C1 Radical SR8 Dk.png Jesper Pedersen
C2 Ford GT2 Ca.png William Levesque
C3 Ruf RT12R CSpec Dk.png Anders Dahl
2015 C1 Radical SR8 Nl.png Dave Gelink
C2 Ford GT2 Nl.png Stefan Muijselaar
C3 Ruf RT12R CSpec Dk.png Anders Dahl
2018 C1 Porsche 911 Cup Dk.png Anders Dahl
C2 Ford Mustang FR500S Ca.png William Levesque
C3 SCCA Spec Racer Ford De.png David Gaspers
2019 C1 Radical SR8 Us.png Tucker Minter
C2 Porsche 911 Cup Dk.png Anders Dahl
C3 Audi RS3 LMS Gb.png Jack Sedgwick

Ironman Award

Year Class Driver Incs
2011 C3 Gb.png Rory King 1
2012 C3 Us.png Jady Baumgardner 2
2013 C3 Fi.png Roope Turkkila 3
2014 C1 Nl.png Dave Gelink 1
2015 C2 Us.png Jason Gerard 2
C3 Gb.png Jamie Wilson