Pleb SimSport

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Pleb SimSport
Founding date 2015
Country Au.png
Team manager Au.png Kurt Stenberg
Simulations iRacing
Pack and Send
A Skaifey Quote a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Hinssy Looting Simulator
Australia Post
In Control
Noah Food Reviews

Pleb Sim Sport is a sim racing team formed in late 2015 by Kurt Stenberg. Pleb Sim Sport is the leading meme team in the Australia/New Zealand community. The team over its lifespan has achievements including a victory in the Mid Week Sport car championship and qualifying for top split of the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series. The team has also participated in endurance racing and in the Maxxbantz

Driver Roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Au.png Kurt Stenberg 2015 MaxxBantz
Au.png Lewis Cugaly 2017 V8SCOPS
Au.png Thomas McMillan 2018 MaxxBantz
Au.png Dayne Warren 2018 MaxxBantz
Au.png Thomas Hinss 2018 AOSC
Au.png Colin Warwick 2018 V8SCOPS

Inactive drivers

Name Join date
Au.png Scott Connors 2017
Au.png Chris Carr 2017

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Au.png Corey Preston 2017 2017 JMSR
Au.png Josh Burdon 2016 2017 FSR