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LionGP eSports
Founding date 3 March 2022
Country De.png Germany
Team manager Bs.png Dennis Furchheim
De.png Marian Christel
De.png Dodi Ferdi
Simulations iRacing
LionGP Stickers
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LionGP was active in the rFactor simulation game from 2007 to 2010. They won the PSRF F1 Championship twice and competed in the Formula SimRacing World Championship PRO against teams like Precision Motorsports and Twister Racing, making them a well-known presence in the gaming community back then. However, in 2010, they had to stop due to time constraints and other factors. Fast forward almost 12 years, the LionGP community revived itself, driven by the popularity of LionGP Stickers. This revival led to the creation of LionGP eSports, a team that quickly gained attention for some victories.  


LionGP eSports is a Simracing eSports team that has emerged from a community of LionGP enthusiasts, particularly former real-world race drivers, accomplished karting competitors, and automobile enthusiasts. Presently, the team's primary focus lies within the realm of the iRacing simulation. LionGP has garnered notable recognition due to its distinctive wheel stickers, which have found popularity not only in the world of Simracing but also in real motorsport.   While we regard ourselves as an amateur team, our pursuit of increasing professionalism is driven by our motorsport expertise and unwavering passion for competition, despite acknowledging that we have a long journey ahead. Ultimately, our core values are rooted in the enjoyment and enthusiasm we all share when seated in our Simracing rigs. Additionally, we extend driver coaching and setup guidance to our team members, aiming to foster their growth and development.   Furthermore, the team possesses its own kart, a platform through which we aspire to provide young talents with the opportunity to transition from simulation to real-world motorsport or, at the very least, gain valuable insights into the realm.


Driver Roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
De.png Dodi Ferdi 2022 Porsche Cup
De.png Tino Heuser 2021 Porsche Cup
Bs.png Dennis Furchheim 2020 Formula B
Ca.png Marc Ponick 2022 Formula B
De.png Dennis Beyer 2021 GT3
De.png Marcel Jeleniowski 2022 GT3
De.png Marian Christel 2020 Formula B
De.png Markus Knöller 2023 GT3
De.png Jim Clark 2023 GT3
De.png Danilo Steininger 2020 GT3
De.png Patrick Wiesner 2020 GT3
De.png Basti Hagedorn 2022 GT3


Inactive drivers

Name Join date
De.png Oliver Kwoka


Team Results

Past Series and Events

Digitale Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie Community Cup

Season Team Drivers Car (Class) De.png De.png De.png De.png De.png Position
1 2 3 4 5
2023 LionGP - De.png Tino Heuser
De.png Dodi ferdi
Bs.png Dennis Furchheim
Porsche Cup 992 / Cup2 5 5 5 4 6th
2023 LionGP - Daja De.png Dennis Beyer
De.png Marcel Jeleniwoski
Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO / SP9 16 11 15 12 16th
link= kXicIBY5tM link= FWLfQ3UNtpc link= xb1f9Md31J0 link= BKp3eBVqpJM YoutubeButtonSmall.png


24h of LeMans M4EM

Year No. Team Drivers Car (Class) Laps Position
2023 06 LionGP – Bs.png Dennis Furchheim
De.png Dodi Ferdi
De.png Dennis Beyer
Ca.png Marc Ponick
BMW M Hybrid V8 / Hypercar 409 2nd
2023 07 LionGP eSports De.png Marian Christel
De.png Oliver Kwoka
De.png Bastian Hagedorn
De.png Patrick Wiesner
BMW M Hybrid V8 / Hypercar DNF
link= DB1dAq5YPDs


12h of Nürburgring M4EM

Year No. Team Drivers Car (Class) Laps Position
2022 600 LionGP eSports De.png Tino Heuser
Bs.png Dennis Furchheim
De.png Dennis Beyer
Porsche 911 GT3 R / GT AM 1st
link= 4ScuiuRnzww


iRacing Officials

Formula B Formula Renault 3.5 Series

Season Driver Car (Class) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pos Points
2023 Season 1 Bs.png Dennis Furchheim iRacing Formula B - Formula Renault 3.5 Serie 7 2 4 10 6 3 2 3 11 2 3rd 1642
2023 Season 1 Ca.png Marc Ponick iRacing Formula B - Formula Renault 3.5 Serie 3 20 5 18 19 26th 981
YoutubeButtonSmall.png YoutubeButtonSmall.png


iRacing Special Events

24h of Nürburgring

Year Time Slot Split Team Drivers Car (Class) Laps Position
2023 16:00
7 LionGP – De.png Markus Knöller
De.png Dodi Ferdi
De.png Jim Clark
BMW M4 GT3 8th
2023 16:00
7 LionGP eSports De.png Dennis Beyer
De.png Oliver Kwoka
Bs.png Dennis Furchheim
De.png Bastian Hagedorn
BMW M4 GT3 12th


24h of Daytona

Year Time Slot Split Team Drivers Car (Class) Laps Position
2023 16:00
5 LionGP – De.png Tino Heuser
De.png Dodi Ferdi
De.png Dennis Furchheim
De.png Jim Clark
BMW M Hybrid V8 / Hypercar 132 DNF
link= lyYa1MsNq3s


12h of Bathurst

Year Time Slot Split Team Drivers Car (Class) Laps Position
2023 16:00
3 LionGP – De.png Markus Knöller
De.png Dodi Ferdi
Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 14th



Color Result
Gold Winner
Silver 2nd place
Bronze 3rd place
Green 4th & 5th place
Light Blue 6th – 10th place
Dark Blue Finished
Purple Did not finish
Black Disqualified / Excluded
Blank Did not participate