BMW M4 GT3 (iRacing)

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Technical Specifications
Length 5,014 mm
Width 2,022 mm
Height 0,950 mm
Wheelbase 2,916 mm
Track width 1,552 mm (front)
1,580 mm (rear)
Weight 1285 kg
Engine Water-cooled inline 6
Displacement 2,993 cc
Transmission 6-speed sequential transaxle gearbox with pneumatic actuation
Suspension Double A-arms with coilovers
KW 4-way adjustable dampers


iRacing's renewed focus on GT3 content continues with BMW M4 GT3. Revealed at BMW Sim Live in early December in preparation for its real-world debut in 2021, the new car will compete in GT3 series around the world in the coming years, and will also run in iRacing's corresponding official series and special events.

The BMW M4 GT3 started as a pre-release version of the BMW M4 GT3, made available to iRacing members in the weeks after the 2021 Season 1 build. The car succeeded the BMW Z4 GT3 as the second BMW to join iRacing's GT3 offerings. For 2021 Season 3, the in-development car shed the Beta label for all members, receiving a comprehensive set of updates to match its final real-world form.