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Zecarul eSports
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Founding date 15 June 2017
Country Ro.png Romania
Team manager Ro.png Dan Dracea
Simulations iRacing
Remote Marketing
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Zecarul eSports is a Romanian simracing team with international drivers. It was founded by Dan Dracea in 2017 and competes mainly in iRacing events.

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Zecarul eSports was founded by Dan Dracea in June 2017 as PitStops.ro Racing, with the aim of competing in the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship. July 2017 marked the debut for the team with Dan Dracea racing the Mazda MX-5 around Nurburgring.

In December 2017 the team began entering official iRacing team series, starting with the iRacing VRS GT Endurance Series, with Robin Nordbøen joining Dan Dracea. March 2018 saw the team compete in its first iRacing Special Event - the 12 Hours of Sebring, with Dragoș Simion also joining the team.

PitStops.ro Racing kept competing in the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship with Dan Dracea moving to the Porsche Cup class and finishing 2018 in P6 in class. P2 followed in 2019, while racing more regularly in the iRacing VRS GT Endurance Series.

2020 saw a huge shift inside the team. PitStops.ro Racing teamed up with Racing League Romania for the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona and Bathurst 12 Hour Special Events, and raced in more and more iRacing team series - VRS GT Endurance Series & European Endurance Series.

The team changed name to iRacing Team Romania for a very short while before taking up the current name of Zecarul eSports in March 2020 after splitting with longtime sponsor PitStops.ro and welcoming Tackle.ro on board. iRacing Special Events and team series with more and more cars followed, as well as a P5 finish for Dan Dracea in the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship.

Zecarul eSports quickly became recognizable in the Romanian simracing scene upon entering the National Digital Circuit Championship (CNDC) for 2020. Fielding a strong six-man line-up, the team scored three wins in the season and finished as the 2nd best team overall.

Since then, iRacing Special Events and team series have been the focus. Zecarul eSports also competes in Racing League Romania's iRacing and Assetto Corsa championships regularly since 2020. Zecarul iRacing Championship, a two season league for Romanian simracing drivers, was also created for both 2020 and 2021, following on from the defunct PitStops iRacing Championship season in 2019.

2021 was the best year the team has ever had. With Dan Dracea and Arturas Kundelis, the team achieved a podium finish in the broadcasted split of the iRacing Bathurst 1000, as well as a podium finish of the iRacing 24 Hours of Nurburgring, together with AVA Vervatic Simsport drivers Dirk Federmann and Juri Jerg. After encouraging results in the previous seasons, Dan Dracea became champion of the Porsche Cup class in the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship, clinching the title for 1 single point.

After successful guest appearaces in the team, Zecarul eSports recruited several new drivers in December 2021, with the aim of moving to a new level of simracing in 2022. Its drivers are currently focused on iRacing Special Events and team series, as well as individual or team participations in various leagues.

The team competes in the Apex Racing Academy Porsche Cup Championship for Season 5, as well as the Simability Euro V8 Supercar Championship for Season 11. A strong presence in the Racing League Romania championships is also a priority for 2022.

Driver roster

Current drivers

Name Join Date Series
Ro.png Dan Dracea 06/2017 ARA Porsche Cup Championship - Season 5

Simability V8ESC - Season 11

Racing League Romania (iR)

Ro.png Claudiu Clima 09/2019 Racing League Romania (iR) - Guest Driver
Ro.png Florin Mergea 12/2019 Racing League Romania (iR)
Ro.png Emil Stanciu 05/2020
Ro.png Cristian Neculăiță 07/2020 Racing League Romania (iR)
Ro.png Bogdan Spătăcean 07/2020
Ro.png Ciprian Broscaru 07/2020 Racing League Romania (iR)
Ro.png Sebastian Ola 07/2020
Ro.png Sergiu-Sebastian Itu 12/2020
Ro.png Sergiu Neagu 12/2020 Racing League Romania (ACC)
Ro.png Andrei Morțilă 01/2021 Racing League Romania (ACC)
Ro.png Bogdan Moldovan 12/2021 Racing League Romania (iR)
Ro.png Richard Gafencu 12/2021 ARA Porsche Cup Championship - Season 5
Lt.png Arturas Kundelis 12/2021 ARA Porsche Cup Championship - Season 5

Simability V8ESC - Season 11

Es.png Francisco Jose Romero 12/2021
Bg.png Galin Dimov 12/2021
Si.png Patrik Flis 12/2021
Ro.png Ilhan Abdulgani 12/2021
Ro.png Mihail Vasilescu 12/2021 Racing League Romania (iR)
Ro.png Vlad Răducanu 12/2021 Racing League Romania (iR)

Former / Guest drivers

Name Races Last race
Ro.png Marius Muntean 19 10/2021
Be.png David Bozga 9 03/2021
Ro.png David Stroe 7 02/2021
Ro.png Victor Nicolae 7 07/2021
Ro.png Roberte Eduard 6 10/2021
Ro.png Andrei Bechir 5 04/2021
No.png Robin Nordbøen 5 03/2018
Ro.png Silviu Conduruță 5 07/2021
Ro.png Cătălin Tufeanu 4 04/2021
Ro.png Ionuț Bercan 4 02/2021
Ro.png Andrei Ursan 3 10/2020
Ro.png Dragoș Simion 3 09/2019
Ro.png Florin Botea 3 11/2020
Ro.png Luc Chirvase 3 01/2021
Ro.png Mihai Drăgan 3 10/2020
Ro.png Mihai Tetic 3 10/2020
Ro.png Radu Parmac 3 04/2021
Ro.png Tudor Mihai 3 07/2021
Ro.png Cristian Berindea 2 10/2021
Ro.png Mihai Zaharia 2 07/2021
Us.png Zach Plummer 2 07/2021
Ro.png Alexandru Damian 1 12/2020
Ro.png Andrei Călinescu 1 04/2021
Ro.png Andrei Todea 1 06/2020
Ro.png Bogdan Bodnărescu 1 06/2020
Ro.png Cristian Știrbu 1 07/2021
Ro.png Marius Cruceru 1 07/2021
Ro.png Maximilian Jünger 1 07/2020
Ro.png Mihai Rusu 1 02/2021