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YouRaceBR W2 e-ProGP
Logo YouRaceBR Esports.png
Founding date 13 August 2020
Country Br.png Brasil
Team manager Br.png Felipe Costa
Simulations iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor2
Redragon Brasil
Comida do Dia
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In August 2020 the team was founded by its owners, Augusto Tristão, Cristian Pereira, Felipe Costa and Rafael Oliveira Pereira. During the initial stages of the team, the goal was to build a solid roster to perform in the various leagues spread in the Brazilian sim racing scene.


Already in 2021, the team decided to expand its roster, bringing experienced drivers in Nascar and Indycar leagues, achieving success with important victories, such as the BandSports (Brazilian Sports broadcaster) edition of the Indy 500 and several titles in Nascar and Indy categories. Also in 2021, it achieved spotlight status in Porsche Esports Brasil championships, achieving not just multiple race wins but also being the Teams championship point leader mid-championship. Lorenzo Bonder, who was one of Indy league champions and also is a sim racing commentator for iRB eSports and Racespot TV, was invited to join the management board of YouRaceBR to help the kickoff the global expansion of the team roster and brand.


In 2022, the team remained its participation focus in the iRacing platform, partaking not just in Indy and Nascar championships nationally, but Road categories such as Porsche Cup, Stock Car and GT3. With this enchanced participation focus, the team also ventured in its first international championships, such as the North American Racing League, with one of the drivers being the runner-up in its Porsche Cup Pro-AM championship and Teams championship as well, and the VCO Inifinity, where the team got for the first time, driver wise, a taste of top tier competition against the likes of Coanda, Redline, BS+ and Apex (and many others). Furthermore, the team also accomplished glory in VCe Stock Car Brazil and Porsche Esports Brasil once more, being the winning team in the innaugural season of Stock Car season, and former driver Pedro Oliveira was the winning driver in Porsche Esports Brasil Carrera Cup Pro-AM.


Early in the year the team managed to feature for the first time in an iRacing Special Event top split at the Daytona 24 broadcasted top split, despite an early race retirement. More importantly, the team could establish being one of main teams in the Brazilian sim racing scene, achieving more titles and good results in Brazilian championships. Future goals are to expand the team brand to international markets, bringing in top level drivers, enhancing the team structure while looking forward to feature in the biggest events and championships in iRacing, for the time being although team expansion into other sims is being looked at.

Driver Roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Br.png Augusto Tristão 08/2020 Founder
Br.png Cristian Pereira 08/2020 Founder / Streamer
Br.png Felipe Costa 08/2020 Founder
Br.png Rafael Oliveira Pereira 08/2020 Founder
Br.png Lorenzo Bonder 08/2020 Founder
Br.png JC Nobrega 01/2021 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Lucas Abreu 01/2021 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Renato Tamburini 01/2021 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Adriano Gomes 09/2021 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Danilo Coelho 01/2022 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Rafael Matta 10/2021 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Lino Palladino 01/2022 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Jarbas Dal Lago 01/2022 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Lucas Melo 05/2022 VCe Nascar Series
Br.png Pedro Palladino 01/2022 RTP Nascar
Br.png Paulo Vinicius 02/2020 Indycar Series
Br.png John Silva 02/2020 Indycar Series
Br.png Rodrigo Chichof 07/2022 Indycar Series
Br.png Bernardo Faria 06/2021 Porsche Esports
De.png Leon Rüdinger 07/2023 Porsche Esports
Br.png Raphael Silva 06/2022 Porsche Esports
Br.png Jeff Giassi 10/2023 Porsche Esports
Br.png Luan Hott 06/2021 Porsche Cup
Br.png Raphael De Leo 06/2021 Porsche Cup
Br.png João Brito 01/2022 GT3 Series
Br.png Rafael Garcia 06/2021 GT3 Series
Br.png Charles Sartori 06/2022 GT3 Series
Br.png Diego Krug 06/2022 GT3 Series
Br.png Slan Santos 06/2022 GT3 Series/Porsche Cup
Br.png Daniel Mageste 01/2023 GT3 Series
Br.png Marcos Eberhardt 10/2020 Endurance Series
Br.png Arthur Figueiredo 01/2022 Endurance Series
Br.png Wendell Parra 01/2023 GT3/Endurance Series
Br.png Kaio Moraes 06/2023 Endurance Series
Br.png Pablo Gomes 06/2023 Endurance Series
Br.png João Gabriel Viana 06/2023 Endurance Series
Gb.png Tom Bazley 06/2022 Endurance Series
Br.png Lorenzo Roth 06/2023 Endurance Series
Br.png Guilherme Secchi 09/2020 Endurance Series
Br.png Francisco Pezzin 01/2021 Endurance Series
Br.png Guilherme Barnette 09/2020 Endurance Series
Br.png Gabriel Kenji 06/2022 Mazda MX5 Series
Br.png Marcos Paiva 06/2022 Mazda MX5 Series
Br.png Maico Rosa 01/2023 Mazda MX5 Series
Br.png Rafael Angra 01/2023 Touring Car
Br.png Sérgio Otavio 01/2023 Touring Car/GT4 Series
Br.png Erick Goldner 01/2023 Touring Car/GT3
Br.png Leo Miranda 01/2023 Touring Car
Br.png Fellipe Porto 01/2023 Touring Car

Inactive drivers

Name Join date
Br.png Dielson Costa 01/2022
Br.png Rodrigo Azevedo 01/2021
Br.png Alexandre Laska 01/2021
Br.png Raphael Mazzaro 01/2021
Br.png Bruno Bonagura 08/2021
Br.png Wagner Bolis 06/2022
Gb.png Jon Derrick 01/2023

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Br.png Guto de Carvalho 03/2021 07/2021
Br.png Murilo Leonel 08/2021 08/2022 AC7 Team by RKL
Br.png Pedro Oliveira 10/2022 12/2022 TXC Racing by TK
Br.png Enzo Provin 06/2022 06/2023
Br.png Cesar Cabral 01/2022 03/2023 R2R Esports
Br.png Ricardo Ruy 07/2022 06/2023 Ruy Racing
Br.png Victor Mucedola 06/2022 06/2023 Norg Racing
Br.png Eduardo Bonilha 06/2022 06/2023
Nl.png Ghovand Keanie 01/2023 07/2023 Grid and Go Esports
Br.png Silvio Sanchez 07/2022 08/2023 RPK Racing
Br.png Marcelo Canoff 01/2022 08/2023