WS Racing eSports

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WS Racing eSports
Founding date May 2020
Country De.png Germany
Team manager De.png Michael Fischer
Simulations iRacing
Gran Tursimo
Giti Tire
Woell Marine
Website32.png Instagram32.png Twitch32.png Youtube32.png

WS Racing eSports is the virtual offshoot of the real WS Racing team, which mainly competes in the NLS and Prototype Cup Germany. The eSports team represents the real team in the simracing sector and competes in the IVRA, the GSR Masters and many other leagues and series. WS Racing and the sponsors actively support and promote the team through close cooperation.


In 2017, the team was founded as Newman Simracing for Project Cars 2 on console. Shortly afterwards, the team made the switch to PC. Between 2017 and 2020, the team continued to grow and the switch to iRacing took place. In addition to the many new drivers who joined the team, the organisation was also strengthened with new people.

In 2020, the takeover of the real racing team WS Racing then took place. Here, the newly renamed WS Racing eSports team is to represent WS Racing in the numerous areas of simracing.Ws Racing supports the esports team both with skills and in organisational matters. Due to the close connection, the cars, the racing series and the paintwork are based as closely as possible on the real team.

Since then, the team has grown steadily, has become more professional, attended more professional leagues and competitions and new members have joined the team. In September 2022, the team merged with Westwood Racing eSports, which was 100% integrated into WS Racing eSports. Furthermore, a Gran Turismo division was also added to WS Racing eSports during 2021. At the beginning of 2023, the team was founded as a recognised association and taken over into German registers. Since then, the team has been listed as WS Racing eSports e.V.


Active drivers

Name Join Date
De.png Kai Bartmann September 2017
De.png Johannes Neuses September 2017
De.png Michael Fischer Oktober 2018
De.png Dominic Nöckel February 2022
De.png Holger Miefert March 2019
De.png Moritz Peckel December 2020
De.png Benjamin Oppenkowski September 2022
De.png Tim Spesser September 2022
De.png Willem Haeger September 2022
De.png Alexander Kessler November 2020
De.png Björn Ritter February 2022
De.png Dirk Huperz-Reuber September 2019
De.png Fabian Buhl September 2022
De.png Frank Cizmarek August 2022
De.png Julian M. Wicht November 2018
De.png Kevin Kollert September 2022
It.png Kimon Sapini Oktober 2021
Name Join Date
De.png Lukas Lang June 2020
De.png Marc Danisch December 2020
At.png Marcel Fritsch June 2018
De.png Marvin Mücke September 2022
De.png Michael Dobeck June 2022
De.png Nico Schmidt July 2022
De.png Noah Chilla December 2020
De.png Pascal Feiss December 2020
De.png Philipp Hammer August 2022
De.png Oliver Höltke August 2021
De.png Pemas Niedergert September 2022
De.png Rene Hitzblech September 2022
De.png René Ribaucourt November 2020
Hu.png Róbert Hefler October 2022
De.png Sascha Dresler April 2022
De.png Sven Dresler April 2022
De.png Tobias Krichenbauer May 2022