Prestanda NOMAD

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Prestanda NOMAD
NOMAD Horizontal.png
Founding date 2017
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Team manager Gb.png Jason Dilworth
Simulations iRacing
Virtual Motorsport Mentor
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NOMAD Sim Racing was formed in 2017 by a group of drivers focussed on endurance racing. The team competes at a high level in both official and league racing on iRacing.

Driver Roster

Name Join date Series
Sg.png Ayden Refaie 11/2021
Tr.png Berke Köse 10/2022
Us.png Casey Waters 04/2022
Gb.png Chris Chadderton 12/2022
Gb.png Chris Thacker 06/2023
Gb.png Daniel Gilding 01/2021
Gb.png Dean Timms 01/2023
No.png Håkon Eide Lindmo 12/2022
Gb.png Jason Dilworth 07/2017
Gb.png Liam P Doyle 03/2022
Gb.png Mark Cripps 06/2023
It.png Massimo Berta 06/2023
Gb.png Matthew P Doyle 01/2021
Gb.png Oliver E Bunn 07/2022
Ar.png Pablo Arteaga 01/2023
Gb.png Ryan Scott Hamilton 01/2021
Gb.png Taylor Lane 01/2023
Gb.png Tim Penny 01/2022
Gb.png Tom Stanley 01/2022
Gb.png Tony Baird 07/2017