Juan Bustamante

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Juan Bustamante
Birthdate 25th January 2005
Country Es.png Spain
Nicknames Bustamentos
Team Apex Racing Academy
Simulations iRacing
Series GT3 Fixed
Instagram32.png Twitter32.png Twitch32.png IRacing32.png
Team history
2020- 2020
2020- 2021


About Juan

Juan Luis Guevara Bustamante, or as many call him, "Bustamentos", is a Spanish iRacing driver born in 2005. Juan grew up in a modest town in Spain, however, his mother made a decision that would change his life. Juan and his mother relocated to Popayán, Colombia. Juan got into simracing very early on, dabbling with Project Cars and watching iRacing streamers such as "Heikki360ES", in 2020 Juan chose to take the next step and create his very own iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations account.

Equipment Challenged

Juan, as excited as he was to start his iRacing career, had to face a massive challenge in the form of a non-FFB Hori Apex Wheel. This led to him being meme'd on due to his habit to countersteer for absolutely no reason.


In 2020, Juan excitedly started to broadcast his online races on the platform Twitch.tv, combining english and the spanish language. Massive success came, with hundreds of viewers watching Juan every night for hours


Rig & Seat A chair
Wheelbase Logitech G29 Wheelbase
Wheelrim Logitech G29 Rim
Pedals Thrustmaster T-LCM