Guild of Australian Young Stars

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Guild of Australian Young Stars
Founding date 01 October 2015
Country Au.png Australia
Team manager Au.png Matt Scott
Simulations iRacing
Assetto Corsa
Trans Tasman Racing
TTL eSports
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Founded in 2015, the brainchild of Australian sim racing royalty Matt Scott, The Guild of Australian Young Stars (GAYS) was created to nourish young talent in the Australian community.
The GAYS competed in their first race challenging other Australian talent in the Australian Endurance Championship. While the team accumulated an enormous lead it was quickly squandered with a barrage of penalties resulting in a 3rd place.


Due to previously unforeseen circumstances The Guild of Australian Young Stars when placed in acronym form spells out a slur. Due to the aggressive licencing of the GAYS team name too much time and money was spent to be able to change it. Teams in the Australian community have claimed that the name was derived from the acronym however no proof of this has been found.

Driver Roster

Active Drivers

Name Join date Series
Au.png Peter Read 05/2018 All
Au.png Adam Hyland 06/2017 All
Au.png Tyson Williams 06/2017 All
Au.png Dylan Carroll 06/2017 All

Inactive Drivers

Name Join date
Au.png Damien Butler 12/2015
Au.png Brock Salmon 10/2015

Former Drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Au.png Scott Connors 01/2016 06/2016 Red Bull Holden Racing Team
Au.png Jake Burton 01/2016 12/2016 Trans Tasman Racing

Team Results


(key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Season Team No. Drivers Pos
2016 iRacing Official Nurburgring 24hr Guild of Australian Young Stars 69 Au.png Brock Salmon 33rd
Au.png Leigh Ellis
Au.png Brandt Tucker
Au.png Jake Burton
Au.png Joshua Rogers
Nz.png Joe Berkett
Au.png Dylan Sharman