EJ Feulner

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EJ Feulner
Birthdate 22 September 1971
Country Us.png USA
Team Apex Tech Racing
Simulations iRacing
Instagram32.png Twitch32.png Youtube32.png
Team history
04/2020 - Present


Rig & Seat Pro SimRig PSR1 with OMP Seat
Wheelbase VRS Wheelbase
Wheelrim VPG V-RSPG & VPG Elemento Pro
Pedals VRS Pedals
Monitor Pro SimRig Triple Stand with Samsung 32” G5 Triple Screens


EJ founded ATRS eSports with longtime friend and now team owner Ryan Donaher at the height of COVID after surviving rookie licensing in iRacing and realizing this was fun. It quickly escalated from a chair in the den racing on the TV to a full blown rig and triple monitor setup in the basement. The team was originally started with friends they met in various GT leagues and this idea of hanging out with our “beer league” friends still forms the foundation of the team today. These are our roots and we are proud to have grown organically into a top pro team embracing these roots. EJ & Ryan never dreamed that in such a short time our team would be fighting for wins in the top leagues and top split of special events on iRacing. The future is very bright for the team and all the guys racing with us. See you on the track. “Let’s Gooooo!”