Aaron Ingram

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Aaron Ingram
Aaron Ingram.png
Birthdate April 2003
Country Ie.png Ireland
Nicknames Netcode
Team Team Wrongline
Simulations iRacing
Series Usf2000
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Team history
??/2020 - Present
01/2020 - Present


  • Born in Ireland, with a very poor setup and a wheel that no longer falls of his table after replacing his previous cardboard desk, has no speed for someone with a rig like his.

Irating averaging around 1.8K and B class license until he chooses to drive in Formula Vee's or Mazda mx5s.

He owns a VR headset which he hoped would improve his speed but due to his motion sickness he was not able to wear it for even a sprint race.

In real life Aaron has a very successful karting career for his experience with podium finishes in Irish Karting and an overall third place finish in his universities karting trip. This allowed him to solidify himself as mid.

Notable Achievements Include

  • Hit by Jamie Caroline
  • Raced in GlenRG week 13
  • Going to crash in Sebring 12 hour
  • Being able to drive several laps in the Formula 3 car without being hit
  • Didn't crash in Sebring 12 Hour (didn't race due to circumstances outside of his control).
  • Raised at least €3.59 for Irish Children

Radical SR8 Results 2021
Aaron Ingram 7 19 3 1 3 3 2 16 4 7