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Virtual Sports Car Association

The Virtual Sports Car Association (VSCA) is a sim racing sanctioning body that aims to emulate IMSA. As of 2023, VSCA organizes one racing series - the VSCA SportsCar Championship, which aims to emulate the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. VSCA was founded in 2021 and ran its inaugural 8-race season in 2022. As of June 2023 the league counts 564 active members and 73 different teams from 17 different countries and 686 members on the league's Discord server. The league is focused mostly on an European and North American competitor base and mandates a minimum age of 18 years and a valid iRacing ID at day of membership registration.

VSCA is a league aimed at low- and average-rated amateur sim racers and teams and promotes a club level racing culture, with a strong focus on mutual respect on and off the track. The league's rules and regulations are designed with a strong emphasis on providing the highest possible levels of immersion and realism in comparison to real-life IMSA.

VSCA SportsCar Championship

This series aims to emulate the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and contains three distinct in-series championships. The overall series championship, the VSCA SportsCar Championship, the VSCA Endurance Cup and the VSCA Sprint Cup.

2023 Schedule

As of 2023, the VSCA SportsCar Championship contains of 12 races per year:

Date Event Distance Track
Jan 14, 2023 Roar Before The 24* 1h40min Daytona (Road Course)
Jan 21, 2023 24 Hours of Daytona (E) 24 Hours Daytona (Road Course)
Mar 25, 2023 12 Hours of Sebring (E) 12 Hours Sebring (International)
April 8, 2023 Sports Car Challenge of Long Beach (S) 1h40min Long Beach
May 6, 2023 WeatherTech Raceway (S) 2h40min Laguna Seca (Full Course)
May 20, 2023 VR7UAL Sports Car Challenge (S) 2h40min Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Jun 17, 2023 6 Hours of the Glen (E) 6 Hours Watkins Glen (Boot)
Jul 15, 2023 Detroit Sports Car Classic (S) 1h40min Detroit Belle Isle
Aug 5, 2023 Elkhart Lake Sports Car Challenge (S) 2h40min Road America (Full Course)
Aug 26, 2023 Sports Car Challenge at VIR (S) 2h40min VIR (Full Course)
Sep 23, 2023 vSports Sports Car Challenge (S) 2h40min Indianapolis (Road Course)
Oct 7, 2023 Petit Le Mans (E) 10 Hours Road Atlanta (Full Course)

* = denotes non-points event

(E) = Endurance Cup event

(S) = Sprint Cup event

Cars & Classes

As of 2023, the VSCA SportsCar Championship contains of three distinct classes featuring a total of seven different cars. Regulations require teams to use the same manufacturer for all its cars in the same class. The series uses its own balance of performance for any class that features more than one car model.

Class Cars
LMDh BMW M Hybrid V8
LMP2 Dallara P217
GTD Porsche 911 GT3R (992)
GTD Mercedes AMG GT3 2020
GTD Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo
GTD Lamborghini Hurácan GT3 Evo

Live Race Control

As of 2023, the VSCA SportsCar Championship features live race control for all its championship events. Car contact related incidents are reviewed by race control proactively and penalties are issued accordingly to a detailed sporting code incident review flow chart accessible to all members.

Full-Course Yellows (FCY)

For the 2023 season, the VSCA SportsCar Championship uses time-based randomization to trigger full-course yellow flags. In case of an emergency, emergency full-course yellow flags are also triggered for large crashes that block the entire track or pose too big of a risk to continue the race under green. However, emergency full-course yellows are the exception.

The VSCA SportsCar Championship is using customized full-course yellow procedures detailed in the regulations, including pit open, pit closed, first wave-by, class sorts and second wave-by procedures.

Broadcasts by Apex Racing TV

As of 2023, two races are broadcast by Apex Racing TV, by account of sponsorship by VR7UAL. The VR7UAL Sports Car Challenge at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in May and the vSports Sports Car Challenge at Indianapolis in September. These races are broadcast live on Apex Racing TV with overlays and live commentary.

For all non-broadcast races VSCA provides a makeshift live stream from start to finish, without commentary and iRacing set to "Focus on Most Exciting" and "Mixed TV" cameras or a customized camera set provided by Track Cams for Gourmets (

Entry Fees

For the 2023 season, team managers will be required to pay an entry fee of $60 USD Dollars per car to compete in all 12 races of the 2023 season. Drivers do not have to pay anything. The entry fee per car lowers with each race, over the course of the season.

iRating requirements

For the 2023 season, first-time drivers, who have never raced in VSCA before, will be required to have a Road iRating between 1500 and 4250. After their first VSCA start, the VSCA Driver Rating System applies.

Entry requirements

Any given class in the SportsCar Championship comes with specific limitations as to what combination of rated drivers may be put in a car of any given class. For the 2023 season, for example no more than two "G" rated drivers may team up in a GTD class car.

VSCA Driver Rating System

VSCA uses its own driver rating system, rating each driver based on a mix of their official iRacing iRating on race day and their speed / pace in the VSCA race. For the 2023 season, a driver's iRating counts 25% and a driver's performance in their VSCA races counts 75% towards their VSCA Driver Rating.

The VSCA Driver Rating system uses the same numerical values as iRacing's iRating system. Drivers are classified "P", "G", "S" or "B" based on their VSCA Driver Rating, accordingly.

iRating or VSCA Driver Rating Classification
3375-4250 P
2750-3374 G
2125-2749 S
1500-2124 B

VSCA Safety Rating System

VSCA uses its own safety rating system, rating each driver's safety record based their CPI (corners per incident) in VSCA races they have run. A driver's CPI is calculated by the following formula:

Track's number of corners x number of completed laps by driver / number of iRacing incidents by driver = CPI of Driver in this race

For the 2023 season, a driver's three most recent races and the CPI earned in those races is averaged, to determine the driver's safety license. Any driver is required to maintain a VSCA Safety Rating of 1.00 or higher and an iRacing Safety Rating of Road C 4.0 or higher. Otherwise the driver will face probation or suspension, up until a season-long suspension.

License 0 1 2 3 4 5 5.99
CPI 0 63 152 304 608 1216 2432+

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