Simple positions in tables: Template:TPOS

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This template is used to simpify putting race results in tables

style="background:#CFCFFF;" |26

can be replaced with


which will automatically pick the correct colour code corresponding to the position. For series final poositions it can also be used with 1st, 2nd, etc.

There are a couple parameter which can be used to format the text correctly:

Parameter Description
pole=1 Bold to indicate pole position
fl=1 Italics to indicate pole position
ll=1 * to indicate lead lap
dnf=1 Color to indicate dnf
drop=1 Paranthesis to indicate drop week

You can use multiple parameter to give you the correct display in a results table seperate by vertical bars:

Result Code Description
26 {{TPOS|26}} P26 finish
1 {{TPOS|1|pole=1}} P1 finish with pole position
5* {{TPOS|5|fl=1|ll=1}} P1 finish with fastest lap and lead lap
(30) {{TPOS|30|dnf=1|drop=1}} P30 finish with dnf (did not finish) and drop week
2nd {{TPOS|2nd}} 2nd position used for championship standings
DNS {{TPOS|DNS}} Special function for "did not start" a race
DSQ {{TPOS|DSQ}} Special function for "disqualified" from a race