Ruf RT 12R Track (iRacing)

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Ruf RT 12R Track
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Technical Specifications
Length 174.4 in/443 cm
Width 72.9 in/178.6 cm
Height 49.96 in/122.4 cm
Wheelbase 92.5 in/235 cm
Track width 61 in/149.45 cm (front)
61.2 in/149.94 cm (rear)
Weight 2645 lb/1202.3 kg
Engine Six cylinder, 4.0 liter, normally aspirated
Power 493 bhp
Max torque 339 lb/ft
Transmission Six speed, sequential


RUF Automobile GmbH is synonymous with high performance automobiles. In addition to engine- and chassis-tuning and restoration of some of the world?s fastest vintage cars, RUF is recognized by the German government as an automotive manufacturer in its own right for producing and installing its own Porsche performance enhancements.

The company was founded in 1939 as an automotive service garage by Alois Ruf Sr, who later designed and built vehicles of his own in the ?50s. A sports car buff, Alois Ruf Jr.followed in his father?s footsteps and began servicing and restoring Porsches in the ?60s and produced the first RUF-enhanced Porsche 911 in 1975. RUF debuted their first complete model soon after and in the intervening four decades has carved a legendary niche in the automotive market by producing exceptionally powerful Porsche-based vehicles.

The RUF Track is a powerful and durable yet reassuringly nimble sports car. With its normally-aspirated, four liter flat six cylinder engine pumping some 500 bhp through a six speed, sequential gearbox and dual ABS braking systems, the 2645 lb (1200 kg) RUF Track is more than capable of giving cars like the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 a run for their money.