Philipp Busch

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"You are really fast during the first 10 laps on fresh tires" - Unknown

Philipp Busch
Birthdate N/A
Country De.png Germany Gb.png United Kingdom
Team Buttler-Pal Motorsport
Simulations iRacing
Twitter32.png Twitch32.png Youtube32.png
Team history
??/2018 - 03/2020
04/2020 - present


Busch started his sim racing journey in 2015, after the release of Project CARS. He competed in several ESL Go4 Project CARS Cups, but never amassed a win in the cup series, only close podium finishes. He later decided to join the ESL as a volunteer in the Project CARS section and helped push the section to new heights with the, at it's time, relatively big A1 eSports League.

Busch started working on other projects and eventually left the Project CARS section, joining the ESL as a part time, and later full time, employee, to work on the ESL Meisterschaft as a Tournament Manager.

In the meantime he joined CXR Racing and competed in several different leagues and iRacing events with the team, but notable finishes were rare. After a disagreement with other members of the team, Busch decided to leave CXR Racing to join Buttler-Pal Motorsport, a team which also competes in real racing series.


Wheelbase Simplicity SW7C
Wheelrim SRC GT-1
Pedals Heusinkveld Sprint
Monitor LG34UC79G