Michael Moody

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Michael Moody(Moody_Racing) is known for being one of the most electrifying and unforgettable iRacing personalities currently on the service. Michael started iRacing in August of 2021, he mainly focused on oval in the beginning but eventually incorporated road, dirt road, and dirt oval.

Some time later in early 2022 Michael began making a name for himself racing in Twitch streamer DK_Motorsports(Dylan Kehm) “RPO”(Real patriots only) races.

In June of that same year Michael began stream on twitch himself, he was basically streaming to himself and his mom.

After streaming everyday for a month averaging 2 viewers Michael was about throw in the towel, but just when all hope was lost on July 11th 2022 his stream blew up like nobody had seen gaining 200+ followers in two days.

Michael began streaming full time in late 2022, during this time he put on one of the most talked about events of the year.

October 28th 2022 he hosted an event the dubbed the name “The Hot Moms 45”,it had a $200 pot.

The race gained notoriety for having real world driver Natalie Decker along with Pro iRacers and many large content creators in it.

Michael also got a lot of attention from his unique streams were his dad would join in on some of his streams dawning his famous pink headphones.

Michael continued to stream into 2023, but in may of 2023 he disappeared from iRacing and twitch all together.

In September of that same year he made his triumphant return to Iracing and twitch but on a part time basis only streaming twelve times from September to November, but as of December 12th 2023 Michael is back to full time streaming.