James T Armstrong

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James T Armstrong
Birthdate 15 9 2005
Country United Kingdom
Team Brabham Esports
Simulations iRacing.com
Series IMSA Esports Michelin Global Championship
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Team history

Protocharge Simsport -> Brabham Esports


Rig & Seat Alfa Romeo 147 Passenger Seat
Wheelbase CSL DD 8nM
Wheelrim Formula V2
Pedals VRS Directforce Pro
Accessories Sim 3D Rumble Kit
Monitor Triple AOC 27" Curved 144hz
Headset Corsair Void Elite RGB

Career results

Special Events 2022: 
- iRacing 2022 24H of Daytona GTD- DNF 5th split 
- iRacing 2022 12H of Bathurst GT3- P2 2nd split 
- iRacing 2022 24H of Nurburgring GT4- DNF 1st split 
- Majors 2022 24H of Le Mans GTE- P7 1st split 
- iRacing 2022 24H of Spa GT3- P28 2nd split 

Special Events 2021: 
- iRacing 2021 24H of Daytona GTD- DNF 7th split 
- iRacing 2021 12H of Bathurst GT3- P2 7th split 
- iRacing 2021 12H of Sebring GTD- P3 7th split 
- iRacing 2021 24H of Nurburgring GT3- DNF 6th split 
- iRacing VRS GE 24H of Le Mans LMP1- P1 1st split 

Special Events 2020: 
- iRacing 2020 Petite Le Mans GT3- P7 5th split 

2022 BMW Sim GT Cup: 
- Daytona- DNF 
- Road Atlanta- P27 
- Nurburgring- P23 

VCO ERL Summer Cup: 
- iRacing Race 1 DNF 
- ACC Race 1 P20 

VCO ERL Fall Cup: 
- iRacing Heat 3 P4 
- iRacing QF1 DNF 

2021 Winter 24H of Nurburgring GT3 P3 
UKSR GT3 league S2, S5, S6 P1 
UKSR Radical League S1 P1 
UKSR Race Of Champions P1 
Sim 3D FTR GT Series S2 P1 
World records in LMP1, GT3 and GT4 
WGTC Season 12 
British F4 eSports 
IMSA Global Esports Championship