How to create a driver page

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Before starting

Before starting I would suggest to get familar of the basics of MediaWiki formatting. You can find all explanation here.
You can always view the source code of other articles by clicking Edit which is displayed on the top right, this will help you understanding.

Create the page

Follow a link on another page or enter the name of the driver in the search bar. Make sure to use the correct spelling (upper and lower case) and blanks. On the page you are forwarded to you will find the option to create a wiki page, click on that and get going.

Create the content


The page starts with the Category:


This will make the page appear on the drivers category page, replace X with the first letter of the surename to sort it correctly.


The function {{infobox driver}} creates an infobox on the top right with the most important information about the driver.
The parameters name, birth_date and country are manditory, any other is optional and will not appear in the infobox if empty. Make sure to only include personal information you acutally want to be displayed.

{{Infobox driver
   |birth_date=DD Month YEAR
   |country={{flagicon|XXX}} Countryname
   |team=[[Team Name]]
   {{TH|MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY|Team Name}}
   {{TH|MM/YYYY - '''Present'''|Team Name}}
Parameter description
name The function {{PAGENAME}} wil automatically use the page name as name for the driver. If you want to use anything else you can simply type the name you want to be displayed. Do not change this to {{Driver Name}}, this will result in a false display: (Template:Driver Name)
image Change "DriverName.jpg" to the actual driver name and file type you want to use.

If the image you are using is wider than 290 pixel, you should include |290px at the end to automatically resize the image. If your image is smaller, simply remove it including the vertical bar.

birth_date Type the birthday as for exmaple 31 December 1999.
country The function {{Flagicon}} will include a small country flag, after the vertical bar use the ISO 3116-1 alpha-3 for the country, after the function put the countryname.
team Putting the team name in double square brackets will automatically link to the team's page.
simulation Putting the simulation in double square brackets will automatically link to the simulation's page.
series Putting the series in double square brackets will automatically link to the series' page.
website Use the full url to create a linked icon.
facebook Use only the facebook profilename to create a linked icon.
instagram Use only the instagram profilename to create a linked icon.
twitter Use only the twitter profilename to create a linked icon.
twitch Use only the twitch profilename to create a linked icon.
youtube Use only the youtube profilename to create a linked icon.
steam Use only the steam profilename to create a linked icon.
team_history For each simulation start with '''SimulationName''', this will create a title for this sim, followed by the teams the driver has been in.

The function {{TH|MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY|Team Name}} will create a line with the join and leave date and a link to the team's page. You cann use this line as often as needed to display all teams a driver has been in.


If you want to include a biography about the driver, it should follow right after the infobox.


Open the paragraph with ==Equipment==.
The function {{Hardware}} creates a table with the hardware a driver is using. All the parameters are optional and will not appear if empty.

Parameter Example
wheelbase FANATEC ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
wheelrim CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3
pedals Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Pro
shifter Thrustmaster TH8A
handbrake Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake
accessories LeoBodnar SLI-Pro
monitor Dell S2716DG
vr Oculus Rift CV1
headset Beyerdynamic MMX300

Career results

Open the paragraph with ==Career results== and afterwards insert ===Series Name=== for each series you want to include.

For each series use this line to link a legend and give brief information about the meanings:
([[Template:Legend_results|key]]) (results in '''bold''' indicate pole position; results in ''italics'' indicate fastest lap)

This should be followed by a table of the driver's results like in this example.

{|class="wikitable" style="font-size: 85%; text-align:center"
|- valign=top
!{{TNAME|Driver Name|XXX}}
|rowspan="3" {{TPOS|26}}
|rowspan="3" {{TPOS|13}}
|rowspan="3" {{TPOS|5}}
!rowspan="3" {{TPOS|12th}}
!{{TNAME|Driver Name|XXX}}
!{{TNAME|Driver Name|XXX}}

Snippet Explanation
[[SeasonPage|YYYY]] Creates a link to the series season page, replace YYYY with the year.
[[Teampage|FullTeamName]] Creates a link to the team page, after the vertical bar the full team name including sponsors can be used
!!{{TNAME|Driver Name|XXX}} ??? [[{{{1}}}]] creates a country flag and a link to the Driver's page

For more information about how to create the table, refer to MediaWiki Help:Tables


Here you can find the Template_driver_page