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The Global Sim Racing Channel was started in January of 2013 when Giancarlo Lenzi, Richard Losper and Joe Peak began combining efforts to create a streaming channel that could air the races of the iRacing league they were all racing in. Kevin Browne was soon brought into the fold and the four eventually came up with what became GSRC. Lenzi and Losper tackled much of the technical side while Joe Peak took charge of on-air talent, acted as lead commentator and created video assets. Kevin Browne handled marketing, branding and much of the initial 2D graphics. For the first initial months, they broadcasted races of The Continental Endurance Sports Car Series and Blondie’s MX5 World Tour. Joe Peak, Richard Losper, Samuel Reiman, Ayrton Ellis and Kevin Browne were the most active on the commentary team during this time. Giancarlo Lenzi and Kevin Browne acted as directors.

Current Series

  • Absolute Beginners Formula Neagle
  • Big C's MX-5 Challenge
  • Grand Prix Legends
  • Kamel GT Championship
  • Lotus 79 Sunday Grand Prix Series
  • Majors Series Americas Region
  • Majors Series European Region
  • Outsider Racing League
  • Porsche Owners Club Sim Racing League
  • PRL GT Am Series
  • PRL GT Pro Series
  • PRL NASCAR Truck Series
  • PRL Open Wheel Series
  • PRL NASCAR Cup Series
  • Sunday Drivers Cup
  • Weekend Warriors Formula Vee


  • Adam Lindgren
  • Chad Irvine
  • Chris Fobbe
  • Christian Challiner
  • DJ Clark
  • Jake Sparey
  • Joe Peak
  • Joey Tebben
  • Justin Prince
  • Michael W. Johnson
  • Ossian Puhakka
  • Peter MacKay
  • Rhys Gardiner
  • Robert O'Brien
  • Ryan Walker
  • Samuel Reiman
  • Stefan Schlacher