GLS Racing

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GLS PXN Racing
Founding date 28 June 2021
Country Pl.png Poland
Team manager Pl.png Adam Tomasiak
Simulations Assetto Corsa
PXN Game
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GLS is a professional simracing team that has been competing with great success in endurance racing since 2022. The team is made up of talented drivers, engineers and executives who work together to achieve success in major simracing events.

GLS PXN Racing's mission is to develop and promote simracing as an electronic sport, while providing an attractive competitive environment for both professionals and amateurs. The organisation focuses on fair

play, delivering competition at the highest level and supporting talent development in the world of esports.

GLS PXN Racing aims to be recognised as a leader in simracing in Poland, shaping the future of the sport and providing an unforgettable experience for competitors and watchers alike.

Driver Roster

Team Results


Color Result
Gold Winner
Silver 2nd place
Bronze 3rd place
Green 4th & 5th place
Light Blue 6th – 10th place
Dark Blue Finished
Purple Did not finish
Black Disqualified / Excluded
Blank Did not participate