BMW Z4 GT3 (iRacing)

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Technical Specifications
Length 172.716 in/4,387 mm
Width 79.212 in/2,012 mm
Height 47.637 in/1,210 mm
Wheelbase 98.779 in/2,509 mm
Track width 63.897 in/1,623 mm (front)
65.629 in/1,667 mm (rear)
Weight 2646 lb / 1200 kg
Chassis integral sheet steel body and frame with welded-in safety cell of high strength precision steel tubing
Engine V8, aluminum cylinder block, compression 13.0:1
Displacement 266 ci/4,361 cc
Power 515 hp (approx) at 8,200 rpm
Max torque 380 ft/lb/515 Nm at approx 5,500 rpm
Fuel Tank 26.4 g / 115 liters
Transmission sequential six speed manual gearbox w/pneumatic paddle shift


The BMW Z4 GT3 replaces the BMW M3 which served as the platform for BMW Motorsport’s considerable success in the FIA GT European Championship and the American Le Mans Series. Although it is based on the popular BMW Z4 roadster, the Z4 GT3 is equipped with a 4.4 liter, aluminum block V8 rather than the inline 6 found in the road-going version. The Z4 GT3 boasts a sophisticated aerodynamic package including a front splitter, front fender winglets, rear diffuser and double deck rear wing constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic while beneath the bodywork the chassis features spring struts in low friction bearings, tubular stabilizer with adjusting blades (front), trailing link suspension (rear) and adjustable tubular stabilizer.