Winton Motor Raceway (iRacing)

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Winton Motor Raceway
Location Winton, Victoria
Country Au.png Australia
National Circuit
1.86 mi
2.99 km
Club Circuit
1.26 mi
2.03 km


Opened in 1961, Winton Motor Raceway has earned the nickname of “Australia’s Action Track” for six decades of intense and exciting competition. What is now known as its Club Circuit, a 2.028-kilometer (1.260-mile), 10-turn layout, has been described as “like running a marathon around your clothesline” by Australian motorsport legend Dick Johnson. In 1985, the track first welcomed the Australian Touring Car Championship for the Winton Super Sprint, and has been a frequent stop for the country’s premier tin-top series in its various forms.

In 1997, the track received an extension to 1.864 miles, creating the National Circuit. The extension included a new paddock and features a relocated start-finish line to compensate. Many of the country’s top drivers have taken the checkered flag on the new layout in the Super Sprint, ranging from legends of the past like “Enforcer” Russell Ingall to modern stars like Scott McLaughlin.