Lincoln Speedway (iRacing)

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Port Royal Speedway
Location Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
Country Us.png USA
Dirt Oval
0.375 mi
0.60 km


Abbottstown, Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Speedway claims to be “Where the Action is the Attraction,” and decades of exciting feature events help it live up to that profile. Frequented by many of the best 410 Sprint Car drivers in the United States, the 3/8 mile, high-banked, clay oval has been in operation for six decades, hosting high-caliber weekly shows and multiple annual visits from the World of Outlaws alike.

Lincoln’s first season took place in 1953, with Walt Ragan taking home the inaugural track championship. Sprint car track record holders include names like Greg Hodnett, Danny Dietrich, and Donny Schatz, while families like the Dietrichs, Smiths, and Rahmers dominate the list of race winners and track champions along the way. Lincoln even hosted a handful of NASCAR races in the 1950s and 60s, with legends of stock car racing like Junior Johnson, Buck Baker, David Pearson, and Lee and Richard Petty all having taken checkered flags in the Pigeon Hills.