Las Vegas Motor Speedway (iRacing)

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Las Vegas Motor Speedway
LVMS logo.png
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Country Us.png USA
Oval Course
1.5 mi
2.41 km
Legends Oval Course
0.25 mi
0.4 km
Long Road Course
1.72 km
Short Road Course
0.75 mi
1.21 km
Infield Legends Oval
0.34 mi
0.55 km
Combined Road Course
2.2 mi
3.54 km


A 1.5-mile D-shaped oval with 20-degree graduated banking, Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts NASCAR’s top stock car series, and has been a venue for top-tier open-wheel competition and sports car racing. A state-of-the-art motorsport facility, its nickname, “the Diamond in the Desert,” is well deserved. Las Vegas Motor Speedway has the polished brilliance that is a trademark of Speedway Motorsports’ properties, one that is truly multifaceted.

Originally constructed in 1996, Las Vegas Motor Speedway held its first major event in September of that year, an IndyCar race won by Richie Hearn. The first NASCAR event followed two months later and the track was awarded its first “Cup” date in 1998, marking the beginning of the track’s long-term success.

Changes to the oval in 2006 made it a more competitive venue for stock cars. This major renovation revamped the banking, upping if from a modest 12 degrees to 20. What’s more the corners were banked progressively, meaning the further up the racing surface, the steeper the banking.

Although the LVMS oval gets much of the prime-time attention, the facility’s multiple infield configurations make the desert speed palace a great venue for road racing, karting and Legends Car racing. There are three different road courses, two that are confined to the infield and one that makes use of the big oval. The infield circuits are small but challenging and provide a good opportunity to test set-up packages. In addition, there are two short ovals, one pit-lane based and one in the infield, on which Legends Cars regularly compete.


Race Results

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series

Season Pole position Race Winner Broadcast
Driver Team
2010 Us.png Thomas Hazard In.png Sandeep Banerjee
2011 Us.png Brad Davies Us.png Brad Davies
2012 Us.png Michael Conti Us.png Jake Stergios
2013 Us.png Marcus Lindsey Us.png Marcus Lindsey Sim Chassis YoutubeButton.png
2014 Us.png Alex Warren Us.png Jake Stergios Last Row Motorsports YoutubeButton.png
2015 Us.png Chad J Laughton Us.png Kenny Humpe The TEAM YoutubeButton.png
2016 Us.png Ray Alfalla Us.png Corey Vincent Premiere Motorsports Group YoutubeButton.png
2017 Us.png Matt Bussa Us.png Ryan Michael Luza Simworx Racing YoutubeButton.png
2018 Us.png Zack Novak Us.png Ryan Michael Luza Phenom Racing Team YoutubeButton.png
2019 Us.png Brad Davies Us.png Ryan Michael Luza FlipSid3 Tactics YoutubeButton.png
2020 Us.png Michael Conti Us.png Jimmy Mullis Richmond Raceway Esports YoutubeButton.png
2021 Us.png Jimmy Mullis Us.png Ryan Michael Luza XSET YoutubeButton.png
2022 Us.png Nick Ottinger Us.png Michael Conti Jr Motorsports YoutubeButton.png