IRacing Superspeedway (iRacing)

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iRacing Superspeedway
IRSS logo.png
Location Chelmsford, MA
Country Us.png USA
3 mi
4.83 km


Enjoy a trip down memory lane and a piece of sim racing's heritage with iRacing Superspeedway, making its debut on iRacing for the first time just in time for the 2021 season. First conceived as a fictional arena for previous-generation NASCAR Cup Series cars to run without restrictor plates, reaching speeds much higher than they would in the real world, this refreshed version of the circuit brings it to life for iRacing's entire fleet of diverse racing machines.
Spanning three miles in length and with massive banking of more than 30 degrees in the turns, iRacing Superspeedway requires a lead foot and precise inputs to master. It's all about keeping the wheel as straight as possible to maximize your speed, and staying in the draft during the race. But as with any superspeedway, one wrong move can be the end of the race for you?and a huge group of your competitors.