Fuji International Speedway (iRacing)

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Fuji International Speedway
Fuji logo.png
Location Oyama, Shizuoka Prefecture
Country Jp.png Japan
Grand Prix
2.83 mi
4.55 km
No Chicane
2.78 mi
4.48 km


First opened in 1965, Fuji Speedway has undergone numerous reconfigurations to get to its current layout. The fifth and most recent design, authored by the internationally recognized Hermann Tilke, clocks in at 2.835 miles (4.563 km) and features 16 turns. Its frontstretch is responsible for nearly a mile of that length, forcing drivers to push for top speed coming off of the final corner, Panasonic, before diving into Turn 1.

Since 1967, Fuji Speedway has been a frequent host of prominent endurance races, starting with the Fuji 1000 km that year and evolving into the Fuji 6 Hours in 2012. The track hosted its first Japanese Grand Prix in 1976, and the event returned in 1977, 2007, and 2008. The track has also been a longtime staple of the Japanese national GT and formula series calendars, and its application has been so diverse that it even played host to cycling in the 2020 Summer Olympics.