Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya (iRacing)

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Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya
Barcelona logo.png
Location Montmelo
Country Es.png Spain
Grand Prix
2.89 miles
4.65 km
2.89 miles
4.65 km
2.94 miles
4.73 km
1.85 miles
2.98 km
1.06 miles
1.70 km
0.69 miles
1.11 km


Located just outside of Barcelona, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was built in 1991 and took over the Spanish Grand Prix the very same year. Many of the world's top race drivers have found themselves atop the podium at the unique circuit, including Michael Schumacher, who won the race a record six times, including four in a row from 2001-2004.

The track requires drivers and teams to be on their A game at all times, as wind and weather can dramatically affect the strength of a given setup or tire compound. Barcelona mixes a long, fast front straightaway with flowing curves early in the lap and a number of heavy braking and even blind corners before heading back to the finish line.


Race Results

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup

Round Pole position Race Fastest lap Race Winner Broadcast
Driver Team
2020 Au.png Joshua K Rogers Sprint Au.png Dayne Warren De.png Maximilian Benecke Porsche24 Driven by Redline YoutubeButton.png
Main Nl.png Max Verstappen De.png Maximilian Benecke Porsche24 Driven by Redline
2021 Au.png Joshua K Rogers Sprint Es.png Salva Talens Au.png Joshua K Rogers Virtual Racing School YoutubeButton.png
Main Au.png Joshua K Rogers Gb.png Sebastian Job Red Bull Racing Esports
2022 Pt.png Diogo C. Pinto Sprint Gb.png Jamie Fluke Pt.png Diogo C. Pinto Team Redline YoutubeButton.png
Main Fi.png Tuomas Tähtelä Gb.png Kevin Ellis Jr Apex Racing Team

iRacing Rallycross World Championship Series

Season Race Winner Broadcast
Driver Team
2021 Fi.png Tommi Hallman SET Esports YoutubeButton.png